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2013...Here We Come!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

It's a new year, and SWiM is already hard at work prepping for the 2013 touring season! We also have the privilege of working with the community youth choir for the Lehigh County Council of Churches Week of Prayer for Christian Unity worship service to be held January 27 at 4:00pm at Grace Lutheran Church in Allentown, PA. Rehearsals for the choir are already underway and we are all getting very excited! If you've never experienced or participated in a service like this one, you need to check it out! It is a brilliant initiative that brings people together across the valley in the genuine spirit of Christian unity - and we are always so honored to be a part of it!

Reinventing the Predictable

In case you haven't noticed, SWiM's Internet home is being remodeled...again. That's because the ministry itself is also in the process of a major revamp. Continually seeking God's guidance and leadership, the ministry seems to be taking on new life - and an exciting new direction. Over the past year, SWiM has not been as active in terms of playing shows, but has been incredibly active in playing for worship and prayer events. The band has been privileged to be a part of what they feel is a new movement - an effort to bring alternative worship to people who need it, to people who are not aware it even exists, and - perhaps the most challenging scenario of them all - to congregations where alternative worship has created a "divide" between traditional worship and alternative worship.

This has led the band to play worship events, praise and prayer events, mixed events where traditional organ hymns and alternative worship songs are played side-by-side and sometimes even simultaneously, and even given presentations, led workshops,and facilitated discussions with congregations wishing to add more worship opportunities for members and the broader community. Over the course of these many events, the band has seen people come together like never before - in love and faith and understanding. Traditional worshippers and alternative worshippers along with people who have never before set foot into a church, all coming together to worship as one community of faith, one community of people.

This movement could very well be a critical part of what shapes the greater church of the next generation. It could be the very effort that brings all different people from all different places, denominations, and worship styles together and begin to help grow an energized community of faith, committed to living lives like Jesus calls us all to, loving one another, worshipping together, giving more of ourselves, and serving those in and far beyond our immediate communities.

Please join with the band on this next exciting chapter of ministry. Your continued prayers and support have never been more important, or more appreciated.

Upcoming Shows/Events

sunday, january 27 - 4:00pm
Christian Unity Service
a ministry of the Lehigh County Council of Churches
Grace Lutheran Church
729 Saint John St | Allentown, PA

The Band

Bobby Siegfried (keys, guitars, vocals)
Chris Druckenmiller (vocals)
James Adams (bass, lead guitars)
JT Moyer (bass, vocals)
Shannan Ott (vocals)
Todd Leibenguth (drums, vocals)
Tony Eppelido (lead guitars)



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